I, the registered user / Lecturer / Organiser, do hereby undertake on the day, of my Online Registration to this platform,


  1. I will only teach the course/s for which I have been authorized and allowed by ISA.
  2. I, will strictly abide by the rules & regulations and guidelines laid down by ISA as specified in Annexure-2 hereto, as in force from time to time and subsequent changes / modifications / amendment made thereto.
  3. I will follow the Code of Conduct prescribed by ISA for the lecturers and the members of ISA.
  4. I will not indulge in any activity against ISA, nor will associate and support any person or the organization involved in any activity detrimental to ISA in any manner.
  5. I shall always maintain the practices that are conductive to ISA and SUJOK THERAPY.
  6. I shall neither infringe/violate nor cause to be infringed/violated/misused of IP rights related to SUJOK therapy and allied systems/subjects which are vested in successors of Prof. Park, Jae Woo.
  7. I will give a suitable written notice if I wish to be relieved from the lectureship of ISA.
  8. I shall immediately inform ISA, about any change of my address, telephone number, email ID as well as changes in any information submitted by me, in my Application Form and / or any other documents from time to time.
  9. I have read the important rules & regulation, guidelines set-out in annexed Annexure-2 and fully understand and agree to abide by the same.

I also understand and acknowledge that,

  1. ISA shall have the authority for taking punitive action/s against me for violation and/or non- compliance of the prescribed rules and regulations, guidelines, and the Code of Conduct, as in force from time to time.
  2. I shall be solely responsible for my involvement in any kind of undesirable / unlawful activities and ISA shall in no way provide any support to me and will not be held responsible for my any such acts.
  3. My ISA lectureship and / or membership may be canceled, at any stage, at the sole discretion of ISA in case of any breach or violation of prescribed terms and conditions, guidelines, Code of Conduct by me or if I fail to follow the instructions of ISA or I am found ineligible or incompetent for lectureship / membership of ISA.
  4. It is explicitly understood and agreed that all IP rights of Sujok Therapy and other allied sciences/ subjects or systems vest and shall always remain vested in the legal successor of Prof. Park, Jae Woo. I shall have no right whatsoever in this regard.
  5. I also understand and unconditionally agree that if ISA finds any violation of set out terms, rules & regulations, instructions, guidelines, Code of Conduct etc, ISA will be free to immediately terminate my lectureship / membership and to take suitable legal action against me.
  6. ISA will be sole owner of the Video Recording(s), Photographs and Audio Recordings of my class(s) and these stuffs can be used by ISA anytime for promotional purpose(s), in any presentation, publication, brochure, leaflets, handbills and any such requirements Digital and / or Printed, for my class or general, without any obligation.
  7. This letter of undertaking is a legal and binding agreement between me and ISA. All matters shall be subject to Nagpur (Maharashtra, India) jurisdiction.

I, the registered user, unconditionally accept all terms & conditions given above.



  1. Lecturer / Organiser must adhere to the terms & conditions, guidelines, procedures and instructions of ISA in force and amended / formulated / announced from time to time, failing which his/her lectureship / organisership is liable for termination with immediate effect.
  2. Lecturer must teach the specific course/s only, for which s/he is authorized by ISA and that too as per the syllabus, curriculum and protocol prescribed by ISA. Lecturer should complete the full course strictly as per the prescribed syllabus of the respective course and to keep high standard of imparting quality education to students.
  3. Lecturer must not teach any other subject/course for which s/he is not authorized by ISA.
  4. Lecturer shall attend/ participate in the Orientation / revision program(s) organised by ISA time to time for the upgrading the knowledge and skill of the lecturer.
  5. All the students Must be registered by the Lecturer / Organiser with ISA. Lecturer would take a Sujok course only under ISA and with ISA issued certificate/s for the students. No course(s)/class(es) should be conducted in any case, under any other banner or certificate (other than issued by ISA) or without informing and taking written permission from ISA or without registering students with ISA.
  6. Lecturer would have the privilege to use Standard PPT presentation provided by ISA to teach the participants and also provide only ISA standard teaching material / reference books to the students.
  7. Lecturer / Organiser must not promote any other subject/s, material, books / publication, schemes, and programs during the course other than designed and decided by ISA. Moreover Lecturer / Organiser shall not sell / promote / market / issue / gift any non-ISA books / publication / material.
  8. Lecture shall not indulge in any unauthorized / anti-ISA activity and shall also not associate / co- operate with any such person / organization involved in any unauthorized (not approved by ISA) or anti-ISA activity or who has been debarred by ISA. Such act, if found to be true, will attract punishable action(s) decided by the ISA.
  9. The Lecturer / Organiser shall get commission as per structure decided in the signed contract for the instruments, books or products sold by him/her.
  10. Since Lecturer / Organiser will only sell or promote ISA-official / ISA-approved products and system, if found dealing in unauthorized products / material or activities, s/he will lose lectureship with immediate effect.
  11. Lecturer should also promote ISA activities / programs taking place from time to time.
  12. Lecturer / Organiser should promote ISA membership and encourage the course participants to take ISA membership.
  13. Lecturer / Organiser must give at least 10 days prior written intimation to ISA regarding organizing any course/class/camp/seminar/lecture or any such program.
  14. Lecturer must conduct written and oral test/examination or online examination of all the participants as per laid down procedure to check their subject knowledge and competency and should certify for this. Such test papers duly checked by lecturer should be submitted to ISA for issuing certificate/s to the eligible participants.
  15. Lecturer / Organiser shall collect the Feedback Form from the participants and submit to ISA.
  16. Lecturer / Organiser shall maintain real-time data of course participants (i. e. application form, qualification records, feedback form, test papers etc.) and should maintain the record in prescribed format and furnish it to ISA in time and as required.
  17. Lecturer / Organiser is required to pay 10% administrative fees for offline courses & 20-30% of course fees as administrative fees for online courses to ISA and / or Company at the time of applying for certificates.
  18. Lecturer / Organiser must not infringe/violate or cause to be infringed/violated, the IP rights related to SUJOK and subjects/systems/knowledge developed by Prof. Park, Jae Woo.
  19. If a Lecturer / Organiser notices any infringement/violation of IP rights of SUJOK or allied subjects/systems or any unwarranted activity by anyone, the same shall be immediately brought to the notice of ISA.
  20. Lecturer / Organiser agrees to sign an undertaking affidavit/consent or agreement as required by ISA.
  21. Lecturer / Organiser must not indulge in any immoral and unlawful activities/practices and should abide by the law of the land. Lectureship / Organisership will stand terminated with immediate effect if one is involved in unlawful/criminal activity.
  22. The Lecturer / Organiser may be suspended or discharged for good cause determined in the exclusive discretion of ISA. It is specifically understood that good cause for discharge shall include but not limited to: inadequacy of teaching, misconduct, neglect of duty, physical or mental incapacity, actions involving moral turpitude, violation of the terms, rules & regulations, guidelines, instructions of this agreement, ISA education department’s policy, or any conduct not in keeping with ISA Faith or conduct tending to reflect discredit upon ISA or tending to impair the Lecturer’s / Organiser’s usefulness in his capacity as a Lecturer / Organiser.


  1. A Lecturer / Organiser shall not engage in any online classes, lectures or promotion in any manner without prior written permission from ISA. Any online course/ program can be conducted by a Lecturer / Organiser only after getting “online lectureship authorization” by ISA.
  2. Any course, lecture or promotion shall be strictly and exclusively carried out on ISA regulated ONLINE PLATFORM only.
  3. For online course/s, test after completion of the course would be conducted by online module.
  4. A Lecturer / Organiser willing to take online course/s shall have to register with ISA by paying prescribed registration fees and subject to renew as per prescribed time.
  5. Apart from one-time registration for online activity, a lecturer shall also require subscribe to ONLINE PLATFORM.
  6. For online course/s, the course fee can be collected by the Lecturer / Organiser or can be paid by the students to ISA through online platform. In case Lecturer / Organiser collects the fees s/he will pay prescribed administrative fees (%) of total course fee to ISA and or company before starting the course, and if the fees is collected by ISA, the share of Lecturer / Organiser will be paid to Lecturer / Organiser by ISA on completion of the course after administrative fees & statutory deduction.


  1. Anyone interested to collect students and organise an online course, s/he will register with ISA by paying prescribed registration fees and subject to renew as per prescribed time to become an “Authorised Organiser”.
  2. For the course/s organised by an organiser, the organiser will receive the share as mentioned herein below.
  3. Organiser will be allowed to promote/sell only ISA-official Sujok books, instruments and products.
  4. The organiser shall get commission for the instruments, books or products sold by him/her as per signed contract.
  5. Organiser cannot sell or promote non-official / unrelated products and system on this platform. If found promoting unauthorized products / material or activities s/he will lose “organiser authorisation” and the registration amount would be forfeited.


  1. After completing the course and submission of required data by Lecturer / Organiser to ISA along with necessary documents and checked test papers, the certificate would be issued by ISA to eligible course participants (those passed the test) and sent to the lecturer for signing and giving to the students.
  2. Those students who could not pass the test, can get one more chance for Re-Test.
  3. If Student couldn’t clear the exam in 2nd Test, He/she have to revise the course and take the test.
  4. Certificate shall be issued only when the students has passed the course as per laid down norms. All matters shall be subject to Nagpur (Maharashtra, India) jurisdiction. I, the registered user, unconditionally accept the above terms & conditions, rules & regulations and guidelines.